Chimgan is a ski resort located in a mountain range named Tian Shan, near Chirchiq, Uzbekistan.The tourist skiing complex Chimgan is located 85 km (52.8 mi) away from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, in the spurs of Chatkal ridge on the height of 1,600 metres (5,249 ft), in the Western Tien Shan mountains, surrounding Tashkent from the East. There are hotel complexes and cottages in this ski center.

The main peak of the entire mountain area - Big Chimgan (3,309 m - 10,856 ft) - looks like a peak of giant star from which, the rays of slopes, adorned by cliffy peaks disperse in all directions.Rising higher then to 3,000 metres (9,842 ft) above the sea level, the Tien Shan mountains have the eternal blanket of snow that comes down to the mountain foot in winter.The mountain skiing season starts in December and lasts until mid of March.Behind Chimgan is Pulathan peak, 3000 meters above sea level; it looks as if it has been sliced off the mountain range, leaving a hole in its place.

Over time, many caves have been formed by the water which accumulates there. According to legend, in one of these caves the treasures of Alexander the Great are hidden.The story goes that a beloved concubine of the general fell in love with one of her guardians. Alexander the Great noticed the love that flared up between these two young people but didn't chastise them. The wise ruler let the beautiful concubine and her lover live in that cave together with their retinue and treasures.To this day, treasure seekers are still hoping to find this treasure. One can climb this mountain only from the eastern side; it is inaccessible from the other sides.  

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