Interest to tourist potential of Uzbekistan abroad!

The representatives of the official and business circles of Saudi Arabian Kingdom, heads of some large travel companies, mass-media, heads of the tourism faculty at the King Saud’s university have taken part at the presentations of tourism potential in Uzbekistan which have passed in Saudi Arabian Kingdom and was organized by Commercial and Industrial chamber of Er-Riyadh with assistance of Uzbekistan embassy in Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

Opening presentation, the head of the National committee of commercial and industrial chamber of Saudi Arabian Kingdom on tourism Faysal al-Mutlak has noticed that similar actions are very important in cooperation development between Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia, and also give access to rich history and culture of the Uzbek people, its achievements for years of independence, prospects of development of tourism sphere.

During the action participants of the presentation have been in detail acquainted with a condition of tourism branch of Uzbekistan, its infrastructure, undertaken by the government measures on creation of favorable conditions for development of tourism sphere and to expansion of cooperation with foreign countries in this area. The film «Welcome to Uzbekistan» in Arabian language has been shown for visitors. The thematic exhibition "Tashkent-2200" was held in a hall.

Acting on the presentation, the professor of the tourism faculty and archeology of the King Saud’s university, Doctor Hisham Umar has underlined that the Uzbek cities such as Samarqand, Bukhara, Khiva are known as a pearl of "the Great Silk Road», are not only riches and pride of Uzbek people, but also a part of an invaluable Islamic historical heritage.

The chief of the tourism department of commercial and industrial chamber of Er-Riyadh Husayn has noted: « Uzbekistan is rich both architectural and cultural values, and traditions of the people which leave indelible impressions at travelers. Historical cities and tourism sights of Uzbekistan, undoubtedly, attracts attention of travel fans from the Arabian Gulf States ».

Following the results of the presentation, the representatives of the Saudi Arabian travel companies had been stated the offers directed on deepening of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia in the tourism field. Tour operators of Saudi Arabian Kingdom at the presentation have expressed interest in the organization of tourism trips to Uzbekistan, and also participation at the tourist exhibitions and at the fairs spent in our country.