Tourism - as a factor of the country's stable development

At the embassy of Uzbekistan in Italy has taken place the presentation of tourist potential of Uzbekistan on a theme: «Tourism - as a factor of the country's stable development». A lot of large Italian travel companies and agencies, local journalists participated in this arrangement. 

The extensive information on Uzbekistan’s tourist potential, priority directions of tourism development in the republic, rich spiritual and a cultural heritage of our people, unique historical sights, geographical, natural and country environmental conditions has been presented to the attention of participants of the presentation. 

The general manager of «G.S.Air SRL» N.Gastone, who has visited Uzbekistan a lot of times, noticed that tourism development helps strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between countries and people. It has especially stopped on the richest cultural heritage of the Uzbek people, hospitality and goodwill of people, various national kitchens that as a whole should involve attention of the Italian tourists. The representative of the company «Columbia Turismo» A.Arena has told that their organization is one of the first Italian travel agencies working on the Uzbekistan tourism direction.

For years of the independence in Uzbekistan considerable work on preservation and restoration of cultural monuments which are property of a world civilization is spent. According to A.Arena's words, the tourists who have visited Uzbekistan on a line of«Columbia Turismo», have received bright and unforgettable impressions. 

Participants of the presentation have expressed their opinion that growth of interest to Uzbekistan is caused not only a cultural and historical heritage, the unique nature of our country, but also that for years of independence the country has achieved the big successes in all spheres of a life. According to the Italian experts, in the conditions of globalization, expansions of transport streams and an amplifying competition in tourism sphere, Uzbekistan is possible manage successfully the rich tourist potential and to turn to one of the most visited countries.