Cooperation between Uzbekistan and Bahrain

The president of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has accepted the Minister of Finance of Bahrain Kingdom sheikh Ahmad bin Mohammed Al Halifa in the residence Oksaroy on June, 5.The head of the state has noticed that the given visit of the Minister of Finance of Bahrain Kingdom testifies to mutual interest in development of cooperation of Uzbekistan and Bahrain. 

Regular consultations of foreign policy departments of Uzbekistan and Bahrain are adjusted. It gives the chance to our states to hang together on international scene.  Speaking about economic cooperation, it is necessary to notice that available possibilities are involved yet completely.  Perspective directions are oil refining and gas, the oil chemistry, banking-financial sector, agriculture, tourism.

Thanks to a high level of development of transport communications many transnational corporations have opened the headquarters in Bahrain. Branches of over eighty foreign banks operate in this country.  The arriving income from operations spent by them makes 20 percent of gross national product. Development of cooperation with Bahrain will allow Uzbekistan to expand communications with large firms, the companies and banks. Communications between scientists, art workers and arts, sportsmen promote rapprochement of our people.