"Tashkent-Issyq-Kul-Tashkent": vacations in Issiq-ko'l and in Uzbekistan

The railway company "Uzbekistan railways" - has started a new passenger route "Tashkent - Issyq-kul (Ribachye) - Tashkent".

The new comfortable train is working since June 8th, departing from Tashkent at 14:52 on Mondays and arriving in Ribachye (Issyq-kul) at 16:51 on Tuesdays.

Departure of return schedule from Ribachye - at 06:54 on Wednesdays, arrival in Tashkent at 09:35 on Thursdays. Time in a way - the little more than one day, and makes cost of the ticket about $75 per person.