Uzbekistan will restore one more historical sight

Caravansaray Rabat-i-Malik in Uzbekistan erected still in XI century on the Great Silk Road between Samarqand and Bukhara will revive. The Caravansaray will be included in a tourist route on historical monuments of the region after restoration. 

 As a Caravansaray (hotel for merchants) Rabat-i-Malik served with XIII on the XVIII-th century beginning, and it has been constructed as steppe residence of a ruling Turkic dynasty Karahanids (927-1212 years) and in a translation from Arabic its name is meant by "the Imperial fortress". Now this fortress is one of the major tourist objects of the Great Silk Road. 

The Rabat-i-Malik has been destroyed: its walls, an inhabited and business part were ruined in the XX-th century. The most advanced engineering ideas XI-XII of centuries are presented in Rabat-i-Malike. Unprecedented in the Central Asia of that time the dome of a rotunda in diameter in 18 meters has no equal in architecture of that time. This miracle of the engineering technique was included into number of the largest domes of the medieval East.