«Shark taronalari-2009». Eternal music sounds!

The international musical festival «Shark taronalari» in Samarqand which thanks to the initiative of the President is born to a life opens, and here already in the seventh time collects the best executors of national melodies from different corners of the world. Samarkand is a city sung by poets, a city which is full of music and light. With the independence finding in Uzbekistan the great attention is given to studying of history, the heroic last people, its rich scientific and spiritual heritage.

It is promoted by the huge work spent in republic, including the organization of various competitions, festivals, conferences. In the republic it is spent already more than ten musical festivals of modern, national music, opera and a ballet art, and among them the international festival «Shark taronalari» takes a special place. Giving great value to this large musical forum, UNESCO spends him under the aegis. Interest to the festival grows every year.

The number of participants increases. Except competitive actions for listening and selection of the best executors of national melodies, at festival scientific conferences on certain subjects with an extensive discussion of the presented reports are spent also. To me has had the luck to be present on one of them in 2007 within the limits of VI festival where questions of management were discussed by the industry of culture and the book presentation «the Uzbek note» has been spent.In the performances lecturers from the different countries noticed that in the modern difficult world music helps to adjust dialogue between people, reminds them of the main appointment of the person: not to destroy and destroy, and to improve the world surrounding us, to see in it fine and to become better, more purely, spiritually more absolutely.

Opening of new magnificent buildings for City College of arts and one of large concert halls became a remarkable gift to last festival. It is literally in the face of a city equipped with modern conveniences and has got celebratory shape and this year. Among those who will help with carrying out of VII international musical festival «Shark taronalari», by tradition there are also students of the Samarkand state institute of foreign languages. They become translators for foreign visitors and participants; will act with the concert program at opening and festival closing. For pupils of high school work at festival is one of steps on a way of realization of the dream: through a foreign language to learn our various world and to find to itself a worthy place in it, bringing as much as possible advantage to a native land, the people.