Opinion of foreign tourists about Khiva

Khiva – an ancient city which brought the contribution to world civilization development throughout centuries. Unique monuments of Khiva, in particular memorial estate "Ichan-Kal’a" which occupies the space almost in 26 hectares where are located more than 130 historical-architectural monuments attracts tourists all over the world.Hundreds of tourists from Australia, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Russia have visited Khiva and have familiarized with unique monuments, the majestic historical constructions narrating about an ancient history of our people.

– Monuments of an ancient city have left indelible impressions, – said Chris Vilkinson from Australia. – Especially ancient Ark, a cathedral mosque, the mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud, the minaret of Islom Hodja have amazed. These monuments – a graphic evidence of thought, creative potential, love to a native land of your ancestors.

Tourist from Italy Paskuare Pantisano have told that he visiting Khiva for the first time. He said that he read about this city much, but it is absolutely other – to see all own eyes. Hospitality of the people living in Khiva, the attention paid to us, the conveniences created in hotels, – all is worthy respect. The city has impressed with the ancient monuments, at the same time we with pleasure have tried invaluable gifts of generous autumn. It would be desirable to visit once again your fine country, in this city fanned by legends.