Ancient memorial reappearance

Government authorities of Uzbekistan are doing their best for saving and restoration of landmarks of the ancient city Bukhara.  Mausoleum of Samanids, architectural complex of Chor-Bakr, Bahauddin Nakshbandi and many other landmarks got its new birth. Recently another architectural complex has joined this list which is located in historical square of Fathobod.


After the passing an act of the republic of Uzbekistan on “Protection and usage of cultural heritage objects” Bukhara municipality administration started reconstruction works of ancient city gates of “Sallohona” and “Hazrati Imam”. Huge volume of works expected to be done. City gate “Sallohona” will have altitude of 10, 5 meters, width of 17, 7 meters. City gate “Hazrati imam” will have 11 meters altitude and 23 meters width. Nowadays in two construction sites are held reconstruction works of destroyed objects basement. In each of them eight masters are laboring on the head of master hand restorer Mr. Muzaffar Mirzaev.

Also started restoration works of palatial Friday mosque “Jome”.  For these purposes international grant is allocated to Bukhara State Architectural-Art museum. It is going to be ancient landmarks with the full maintenance of new systems like air conditioning, smoke detectors and etc… All these new restorations will please and admire Bukharians along with tourists visiting Uzbekistan.