New Building of Omonxona Sanatorium Put into Operation
A special attention in Uzbekistan is paid to the issues of strengthening reproductive health of the population.

Medical facilities and sanatoriums are being constructed and equipped according to the modern requirements. A new health resort building with 50 beds was put into operation in Omonxona village of Boysun district.

New and modern buildings: two canteens for 200 seats, purification and water storage structures were constructed in implementing the first stage of construction of this medical institution at the State joint stock company Uzbekistan railways.

Introduction in operation of the new railway enhanced the effective use of medical sources in Omonxona village and created more conveniences for patients receiving treatment here.

Water of “Omonxona” mineral spring is rich with ions of sulfate, magnesium and nitrogen. At present, patients with hepatitis, gastritis, diabetes and other diseases come here to take treatment from all over the country.