Khorezm region will promote domestic and international tourism markets.
Mayor's office has announced a competition for the creation of promotional materials to the development of its own script and design to accommodate a variety of media, outdoor advertising, internet use at trade shows and conferences, etc.

In particular, in the competition participants must submit proposals for the preparation of promotional videos (10-15 minutes) and video (up to 3 minutes) in HD on "The tourism potential of the Khorezm region" for tourists and travel agencies, and on "The tourism potential Khorezm region for investors "with national ceremonies and customs.

Also as part of the competition is expected to develop a video (10-15 minutes) in HD on "Investment potential of the Khorezm region" for foreign and local investors.

Participants must provide layout design billboards, banners and banners designed to promote Khorezm as world tourist destination. These products must be manufactured for the domestic market, tourist markets in Europe, Asia and the CIS.

Under the terms of the competition proposals are accepted until 29 August 2012. Participants must provide a budget for each of the four views of promotional products.