New flights will connect St. Petersburg with Navoi and Nukus
In September, 2012 the Russia airline will start for the first time performance of flights on air-lines St. Petersburg – Navoi and St. Petersburg - Nukus. Regular flights on these routes it is planned to carry out all-the-year-round.

Flights in Navoi start on September 17, 2012 and will be carried out according to the following schedule:

St. Petersburg – Navoi on Mondays, departure at 22:00.
Navoi – St. Petersburg on Tuesdays, departure at 04:55.

Flights to Nukus will begin with September 26, and also will be weekly carried out:

St. Petersburg – Nukus on Wednesdays, departure at 22.00
Nukus – St. Petersburg on Thursdays, departure at 04.20

According to the local time  for each airport.

Navoi – an administrative center of Navoi region of Uzbekistan. The main attractions are the gorge Sarmysh recognized biggest rock art gallery in the world, the mausoleum of Sheikh Kasim X-XI centuries, kanaka XVI century.

Nukus - the capital of Uzbekistan, which is part of the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, its administrative, economic, scientific and cultural center. Nukus is often called the "northern capital" of Uzbekistan.

Flights to the two cities will complement the existing extensive network of routes of "Russia" on a map of Uzbekistan. Today the company operates scheduled flights to seven cities of the country, including Tashkent, Samarkand, Tashkent, Ferghana, Tashkent, Bukhara, Namangan.