A great tourism potential of Uzbekistan
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International Tourism Exhibition «IFTM Top Resa - 2012" was held in Paris in September of this year and similar exhibition «JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase - 2012" in Tokyo. Tourism potential of our country was presented at these exhibitions.
Uzbekistan on appeal in terms of tourism and the number of tourism sightseeings and historical sites is a top-ranked country. We have all the conditions that meet the interests and needs of tourists, the number of types of tourism are increasing. In particular, such areas as history, architecture, sports, environmental, archaeological, folklore-ethnographic, agricultural, recreational, cultural, educational tourism, safaris and river rafting consistently developing.
Uzbekistan has been actively involved in a number of major international exhibitions, fairs and festivals in the area of tourism, held in many countries all over the world. National company "Uzbektourism" is working closely with many countries in the process of demonstrating the tourism potential of our country. Travel fairs carried out in France and Japan was a good opportunity to fully understand the potential of Uzbekistan in the field of tourism.
«IFTM Top Resa - 2012» and «JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase - 2012" are range among the influential international exhibitions. Representatives of more than 10,000 travel agencies and companies, experts and professionals from nearly 100 countries were attended at these exhibitions. These activities have been devoted to all areas of the modern tourism industry. Dozens of departments for business tourism, exotic, environmental, sports and educational tourism, cruises, hotel and restaurant services, rehabilitation had worked for these activities.
Participants and guests of both exhibitions had special interest to the national stand of Uzbekistan. Design of its decoration, made with colorful national fabrics, photos, beautiful places and historic sites of our region, created a special atmosphere, which is sure to create the desire to visit our beautiful country. Touristic brochures and booklets on sightseeings of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Tashkent were offered to participants of the tourism exhibitions.
In tourism exhibitions «IFTM Top Resa - 2012" and «JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase - 2012" was attended by such local companies and firms as "Uzbektourism", "Uzbekistan Airways", "Uzbekistan Railways», «Afsona Travel» , «Orient Voyage», «Megatour», «Asiatour».
According to the materials of the company "Uzbektourism", these international exhibitions allowed to acquaint the public with the possibilities of the world tourism industry of our country, to strengthen cooperation with foreign travel agencies to conclude bilateral and multilateral mutually beneficial agreements, to identify trends in the tourism business, read the news and the situation on the world market tourism, exchange views and experiences.