Internet users have the opportunity to go on a virtual tour of Mirzo Ulugbek museum in Samarkand

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The project of a virtual museum of Mirzo Ulugbek will let to see the exposure period and the history of his government, and also learn a lot about the activities of Samarkand observatory, built in the XV century, a great scholar of the East, where he created the famous astronomical table of "Ziji Jadid Kuragoni."

Project is the result of the initiative group’s work, which included members of the Samarkand State Museum and its branch - Samarkand Museum of Mirzo Ulugbek with the publishing company "Media-Asia" in Tashkent. Project was supported by a non-profit organization - "Desht-i-Art" Center laboratory, which seeks to explore and promote the achievements of modern culture, for cultural initiatives, educational programs in museums, art management and graphic art, and Foundation of Hives (Netherlands).

It is possible to get information at site in English, Russian and Uzbek languages. It is one of the first virtual museums of Uzbekistan in 3D format. The authors of the project intend to transfer DVD-discs containing a virtual museum in secondary and tertiary institutions in the country, which will undoubtedly make the learning process on the subject more interesting and enhance students' knowledge in this area. Visitors of Mirzo Ulugbek museum can buy this DVD-disc.