The Turkish Embassy in Uzbekistan denied the information about the implementation of new immigration rules for citizens of Uzbekistan.

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Earlier NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" reported that Turkey has introduced new immigration rules for citizens of Uzbekistan.

The announcement of NAC for departing to Turkey highlights the need for a mandatory return ticket or docking, hotel booking voucher and cash in the amount of $ 2 thousand.

Moreover, the availability of this money on a plastic card shall not be considered for entry to Turkey, and the absence of even one of these items can cause a denial of passenger entry to Turkey.

"Based on this information, the Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Uzbekistan addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey, who have denied this information," - said in the statement of the Embassy.

"However, in individuals who are planning to visit Turkey, as well as citizens visiting any other country, should be available sufficient funds to cover travel costs and living expenses," - said the embassy.