New restaurant complex Cinara's in the Caravan Group restaurants chain

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Popular holding of restaurants Caravan Group has opened a new Cinara's range in the most picturesque place in Tashkent Region at Khodjikent. The new restaurant is located in 70-80 km from Tashkent and is located in the most popular location for people of Tashkent city- "Bochka".

The total area of Cinara's complex is 8 hectares. The restaurant is surrounded by cliffs and centuries-old plane trees. Historical facts say that teahouses hosted guests in this place more than 2000 years ago and the great Alexander Macedonian worked out a strategy to further campaign against India. This place got its name after the descendants of prophet who lived in this district, whom called "Hodja". Therefore, this place was called Khodjikent (place inhabited by saints).

There is also a legend that two famous plane trees planted in Khodjikent by holy miracle-worker, the pilgrim and devotee Khoja Ahrar (1404-1489). He built mosques and madrasas in Samarkand, Bukhara, Herat and Kabul, was an outstanding thinker and patron of the poor people. According to the data, the age of the plane trees is over 800 years.