Around 100,000 tourists from Uzbekistan will visit Turkey this year

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Turkish Embassy in Uzbekistan informed that the number of tourists from Uzbekistan visiting Turkey is steady increasing during the last years.  

According to Turkish expert’s opinion, in case Uzbekistan will facilitate the procedures for obtaining a touristic visa and increase the mutual flights number, the quantity of domestic tourists visiting Turkish resorts will increase considerably. It is planned that about 100 thousand tourists from Uzbekistan will visit Turkey this year.

Turkey was the first country which recognized the independence of Uzbekistan on December 16, 1991 and opened the first embassy in Tashkent. In order to create the legal framework between the two countries have signed more than 90 bilateral agreements and protocols, implemented many high-level visits.

Turkish construction companies have completed the construction work worth about $ 2 billion during the period 1991-2012 in Uzbekistan. At the present time the Turkish company «Çalık Enerji» is finishing the work at Navoi TPP which was began in 2009. Also, the Turkish company «DAL Teknik Makine» committed to the construction the cement plant in Jizzakh.

The total volume of Turkish investments in Uzbekistan exceeded $ 1 billion. At the present time 579 companies with Turkish capital and 84 representative offices with Turkish investments working in Uzbekistan. These companies operate in the textile, food, hotel, pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the manufacturing of building materials and products of plastic and in services sphere.