Uzbekistan Airways has increased conveyance of passengers to CIS countries for 17%

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The operational and financial performance of the National airline company "Uzbekistan Airways" for the nine months of the current year has been summarized.

As was noted at the meeting of the airline company 1.962 million passengers used the National Airline Company’s service during the 9 months of 2012, which is more for 236,000 than in the same period of last year (growth for 13.6%). Aircrafts of NAC made 18,517 flights - flights to 457 more than for the first 9 months of 2011.

The increase was due to growth of flights to destinations abroad by 6.5%, to the CIS countries - 17.1% on domestic routes - by 16.4%. During the reporting period, total transported 30,000 tons of cargo. 1.942 million Passengers, 17,100 tons of cargo with the baggage sent from the airports of the country.