Uzbekistan will be presented in tourism events in Turkey and Spain

National stand of Uzbekistan will be presented at International exhibitions in Turkey and Spain, which will be held at the end of January. Native touristic companies and organizations will display touristic potential of Uzbekistan at «EMITT 2013» and «FITUR 2013".

The assigned area for presentation at «FITUR 2013" is 100 square meters and at «EMITT 2013" is 50 square meters. To promote Uzbekistan foreign tourist market the country itself and it’s benefits the main emphasis will be made on the development of inbound and domestic tourism.

Specialized edition of the information-guidebook of tourism - "Welcome to Uzbekistan"will be published in Spanish and Turkish to discover the touristic potential of the country.

The region's capability to organize vacations in spring and summer which includes information on guest houses, hotels, sightseeing attractions, travel agencies, recreation centers of Uzbekistan will be provided.

During the exhibition, Uzbekistan representatives are planning to run a conference that will be included in the agenda, as well as business meetings and negotiations with representatives of the international tourism industry, making contacts with travel agencies abroad. Uzbek wine and sweets tasting will be organized to attract visitors to the stand.