Uzbekistan's Traditional Festival - ASRLAR SADOSI in Slovenia

Asrlar Sadosi Festival of Traditional Culture has been presented in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The presentation was held in Lev Hotel, located in center of historic part of the city.

The participants received detailed information on unique project of Fund Forum. It was noted that Asrlar Sadosi is the largest project of Fund Forum and held annually in various regions of Uzbekistan. So far, over 200,000 people visited the festival.

Petra Hauschild, representative of management of Lev Hotel, said that she was impressed with the activities of Fund Forum, in particular with Asrlar Sadosi. She noted that Asrlar Sadosi will continue to attract tourists from various parts of the world.

Director-general of tourism company Interconti Radko Rodovai said that the company was the first tour agency in Slovenia, which started to send tourists to Uzbekistan. Rodovai noted that ancient cities of Uzbekistan are becoming beautiful each year. Radko Rodovai underlined that Asrlar Sadosi and Fund Forum should be encouraged for their work on popularization of national art and culture.

Within the presentation, Fund Forum also briefed the participants about its other projects directed at supporting gifted youth, developing sport, education, healthcare and social projects. The participants also got information about Art Week, Tashkent Cinema Forum, Kelajak Ovozi, etc.