Uzbek visa in Turkey

The embassy/consulate opens three days in a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for few hours, from at 10am and closes at 1pm. We suggest getting there at 10am, to remove the possibility of a mega fail. Visas can be obtained at the same day if you have an LOI (Letter of Invitation). If you do not have a visa support letter, you may wait up to 1 week to get your visa stamped.
Once you get into the embassy, they say that you would need 5 things:
1.  To transfer 110USD to their account and bring back the receipt (this can be done at the HSBC on the parade of shops, but needs to be paid in cash unless you have an HSBC account).
2. A colour photocopy or print out of your passport. You can do this at an internet cafe down the road. Come out of the embassy, turn right, and almost immediately right again, then head about 100m down the road and it's on the corner on your left. Alternately, find HSBC and you can see it from the entrance. (it's fairly cheap, like 2 lira an hour).
3. A passport photo. You can get these from at least one shop on the parade, but they make you buy like 8 at a time for about 15 lira.
4. A copy of the Visa application form.
5. A letter of invitation. Have print out of your LOI.  However they usually don't ask for this at the embassy. (This, however is probably due to the circumstances described).

*Please note that the above given information should be double checked with the agency or directly with the consulate or embassy.