Originally known as Kermine ("Karmana") under the Bukharan Emirate, the city was re-founded in 1958, when it was known under the Russian name of Sokolov. The city is now named after the great Uzbek poet and statesman Alisher Navoi, who wrote in Persian and Chaghatai at the court of Emir Husein Boykara (or Husayn Bayqaro) in Herat.

Karmana is historical landmarks. The Mirsaid Bakhrom Mausoleum, the Kasym-Sheikh Khanaka, the mosque - all dated back to 10-16 c. Ruins of the caravan-sarai Rabati-Malik (11 c.) on the outskirts of the city are of apparent archeological interest.The Kosim Sheikh Khanaka complex was constructed in 1456-1460. Two connected square rooms-the large room''Kosim Sheikh Khanaka"and the other ''amir Abdulahadhon" mausoleum-the burial place.

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