Travelling in Uzbekistan without passport
Can you travel in Tashkent without passport?!
If you are in Tashkent and would like to get your visa to any other country within the embassy in Uzbekistan, don't worry! Just ask the consul to write a note on your XEROX COPY of your passport that the real passport is at the embassy. Also carry around a copy of your OVIR, photo page and Uzbek visa page. The Uzbek police are quite keen to see that stamp.
The police are not a problem in Tashkent, as well as elsewhere in the country. A note from the embassy and a couple of your passport (photo page and Uzbek visa page) will be enough. 

Where exactly is that OVIR stamp put on your passport?!
Tourist visa on your passport allows you to stay only at Hotels or guest houses. You get a piece of paper from every hotel or guest houses that you stay at with a stamp on it. You will have to show this piece of paper upon your departure at the airport passport checkpoint.